Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Charice Pempengco Will sing On Manny Paquiao Fight?

Charice Pempengco WIll Sing On Manny Paquiao Fight?
When They Have Talk?
I Think it is Impossible to Happen For manny Paquiao is From a Rival network. Another Thing Manny Is A Tallent Of Gma7 So it is Imposible For two To tandem In one Big Event. manny paquiao Is Already A Big Person While Charice pempengco Is Just starting To become famost.And One More thing is The Fight Of Manny Paquiao Will be aired On Gma7 .the biggest problem is Not Manny paquiao Nor Charice Pempengco The Problem Is This Two bigger Network That Is Now Fighting Like A Politics In Our Country Today And In a hottest Fight Like Paquiao marquez today. How i wish...
Manny Paquiao To personaly Choose Charice Pempengco To Sing Natinal Anthem For His Copming Fight.

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