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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ramiel malubay Top 10 On American Idol


Ramiel Malubay Survive on last competition On American Idol And luckily Got The position on Top 10 In American idol,The Judges Comments To ramiel Was realy crucial due to her performance last show march 19,2008 on american idol but finaly Nail the place on top 10 ten due to the votes of people or the Fans around The globe. Ramiel Malubay Is a native of miramar from florida. half filipina half canadian and froud to claim that she is a filipina in blood and in mind.Ramiel malubay is Onother Pride of The philippines.

Congrats Ramiel Malubay for bieng onother Pinoy-Pride

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honestly I did not believe that Ramiel Malubay could survive on the last competition after what happened in the last episode, but Ramiel did, impressive!

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